Japan Trip | Charitable Donation


The ETHS Japan Trip for juniors and seniors is based on a "fair-share" model, meaning the best delegation of students is chosen, and then that group is responsible to raise funds until the whole group is fully funded. One's "fair-share" is the amount you should pay if your financial circumstances allow. A typical two-week trip to Japan as rich with experience as ours costs well over $4,000, so the fair-share of $2,800 per student is already incredibly discounted.


Below you will find a link to contribute toward your fair share for the upcoming Japan trip, according to the monthly breakdown that Mr. Van Krey provided via email. You may opt to pay ahead of schedule. Amounts contributed beyond your fair share will be noted as a charitable donation and will be followed by a letter noting your tax deductible contribution at the end of the tax year. Additional contributions should be made with together with your Fair Share contribution.