Chromebook Extended Warranties

For the 2019-20 school year, ETHS will offer optional but recommended extended warranties programs in conjunction with the 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative. These programs are open to all students and families who have received or are receiving a district-issued Chromebook for use at school.

Extended warranties are offered by Technology Resource Advisors (TRA). The policies being offered this year include both 1-year and 4-year policies.

The terms of the 4-year policy are the same as the 1-year policy (batteries, cases, and AC adapters are excluded from coverage). The 4-year policy is nonrefundable and nontransferable and only available to Freshman students.

ChromeCare Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection

  • 1-Year Warranty: $19.00
  • 4-year Warranty (Freshmen only): $69.00
  • Includes accidental drops, water damage, normal wear and tear, hardware failure
  • Does not include repair or replacement of AC adapter, battery, or case

ChromeCare Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection and Theft Coverage

  • 1-year Warranty: $29.00
  • 4-year Warranty (Freshmen only): $79.00
  • Includes the above coverage plus lost/stolen coverage (police report must be provided to make claim).
  • Does not include repair or replacement of AC adapter, battery, or case
  • If a claim is made on theft coverage, a warranty must be re-purchased to continue coverage on the replacement device (1 Year: $29, Two Years: $47, 3 Years: $64, 4 Years: $79).

All previous Chromebook warranty policies need to be renewed on or before August 16, 2019, to continue coverage. More information is available on your fee statement. Those who purchased a Chromebook warranty last year will maintain coverage through August 16, 2019. New coverage begins August 17, 2019.

Coverage will be managed by the ChromeZone, ETHS' student tech support center. Repairs are made either onsite by a trained ChromeTech within 24-48 hours, or sent offsite with an expected turnaround of 7-10 days. Students must bring covered Chromebooks to ChromeZone to initiate repair. A long-term loaner will be issued based on availability. Non-warranty covered repairs will be invoiced and paid through Student Accounts. For reference, the most common repair is a screen replacement – new screens cost an average of $30.00 per replacement.

For more information, please contact:

David Chan
Director of Instructional Technology
[email protected]